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Joy is the elation a player feels when their effort pays off by either winning or progressing forward. Joy is the feeling of satisfaction from years of hard work, a job well done or a team victory. Joy is the incomparable fulfillment that a player feels after overcoming a challenge. Joy is what keeps us all coming back for more. At Juventus, we focus on inspiring and building our players’ feeling of joy within the game of soccer.


Understanding that soccer is the ultimate team game and a player needs to recognize their role in a team dynamic. Understanding that each player needs to assess the technical and tactical aspects of soccer and what it means to “own” the game. Understanding that in order to showcase the beautiful game of soccer, a player must integrate flow, intelligence and ability. At Juventus, we force players to solve problems by using their own skills and cognitive abilities to make decisions. Players need to be challenged in order to solve problems and fix them for lasting learning to occur. The path to truly understanding the game is to guide players on the field and let them apply that guidance on the pitch.


Value the experience of a player’s ever changing sporting journey. Value the enjoyment of participating as a team no matter the end result of the game. Winning is not the ultimate outcome we look for. Value humility and the growth mindset that a player is always seeking to grow and improve. Value characteristics like integrity, respect, team spirit, honesty, discipline and work ethic that will last a lifetime beyond sports. At Juventus Academy, we expect nothing less from our players and staff as we work to develop humans as much as the players.


Effort is the one thing an athlete is in complete control of. Effort is dedication, determination, sacrifice and perseverance. Effort is the value that can take a player to unthinkable heights, leading them to achieve targets and objectives that may appear inaccessible. At Juventus, we believe in developing a mindset that includes effort as a lifelong educational tool. Over the long haul, it is the concerted effort that wins the day, not luck. Immediate wins are often fleeting and momentary the greatness of a team is based on the sum of all individual efforts that come together to accomplish a unified goal.