What is Juventus and where are they from?
Juventus Football Academy was founded in 1897 and is based in Torino, Italy. For decades, Juventus has consistently been one of the top teams in Europe and has won numerous international titles. The success of Juventus has generated a popular training program with facilities located around the world. Their training methods are widely known and followed in over 80 countries.

We are honored to be able to bring these superb training methods and principles to San Antonio. We are often asked whether JASA is affiliated with the professional Juventus Football Club based in Italy…. the answer is YES!! Our club has constant support and guidance from the principal facility in Turin. We have scheduled visits from top officials to ensure the Juventus standards are being upheld.

What is the club's philosophy?
“Develop people first and footballers second”

We aim to develop soccer players through a vision which combines technical aspects with mental, emotional and interpersonal ones. These training methods have been developed for over a century in Italy and are utilized by Juventus Academies around the world.

What qualifications and training do your coaches receive?
Having professional coaches at each age group is the optimal strategy for Juventus Academy San Antonio. JASA implements a comprehensive and innovative curriculum based on the Juventus FC system. Many of our coaches have UEFA A and B licenses, and/or have trained and certified at the Vinovo Juventus training center in Italy. This system requires a consistent and methodical application to maximize development as players transition from the pre-Academy level to the advanced Select Team Level. You will see a variety of coaches teaching our players this curriculum. Player development is our focus and exposing players to multiple coaching styles is part of our training process.

Registration and Fees

What is the registration process?
Whether you are simply trying out or are offered a roster spot… all players must register on line using GotSport. We use this website as our main payment platform and where our leagues access team and scheduling information. If you are already in the Got Soccer system, please ensure all information is current and up to date.
What do my fees cover?
Club registration fees cover professional training, referee fees, field fees, equipment, multiple league and association fees. (Uniforms, tournaments, and travel expenses are an additional cost)
What is your refund policy?
Your registration is a commitment to participate. Please read through the handbook carefully before registering your player, as fees are non-refundable and not transferable.

Do you offer financial aid?
Financial aid is available for qualified families and will be selected by the Juventus Academy San Antonio Financial Aid Committee. Aid is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please see Club Handbook for application and details.

How much are uniforms and what does the uniform kit include?
Uniform kit pricing varies depending on your child’s age group and level of play.
How do I determine my childs age group for registration?

U.S. youth soccer age groups are organized by birth-year and the calendar runs from January to December. Here is a simple chart for calculating your players group for the 2021-22 season:

Can my child play in an older age group?
Yes. Placement decisions are made by the Technical Director and in agreement with coaches, players and parents.
What days and times will practices be held?
Practice schedules are made before the season and based on organizational factors. Typically, teams practice 2-3 times a week, depending on their level of play. While we expect players to attend all practice sessions, we understand emergencies come up where a player is unable to attend. We ask that all players and parents communicate with coaches in a timely manner regarding absences. We prefer older players contact their coach in order to establish and develop communication skills. Please make every effort to have the kids at training, scrimmages and games early.
What does my child need to bring to practice?
Every player should have the proper practice uniform, soccer shoes, shin guards, plenty of water and a willingness to learn!
Do goalkeepers practice separately?
Goalkeepers are asked to attend, at a minimum, two team practices a week. We also encourage them to take advantage of the many GK sessions available throughout the week.
How long is the soccer season?
Fall season (August through November)
Spring season (January through May)
In addition to regular season games, we compete in various tournaments, leagues and other events during the off-season.
What is the club playing time policy?

Juventus Academy San Antonio is a competitive youth soccer program with the purpose of promoting and developing the game of soccer. As a competitive program, equal playing time for all players is not a necessity as it is in recreational programs.

Teams below the U11 age groups are considered developmental, and shared playing time for all players is essential in their development. Every player should attend every practice and compete as if it is a game. Skill level, attendance and work rate at practices helps determine playing time.

Playing time for players on any team is at the discretion of the coaches and technical director.

What are the expectations for coaches, parents and players?
Please see our handbook for detailed information.

How early should I arrive on game day?
Players should be on the field, ready to warm up, 45 minutes before the start of the game.
Can my child still play high school soccer?
How many players are on a team?
Roster size varies by team and age group. Please see breakdown in the handbook.

Where is the practice facility located?

Soccer Central
6610 Low Bid Lane
San Antonio, TX 78250


Where are games played and are players expected to travel?
Most games are played within the San Antonio area. Depending on your child’s age group and league, away games may include a travel time from 1-3 hours one way. Parents are responsible for their own travel expenses or can arrange carpooling with fellow team members.
Who is eligible for tryouts?
Anyone can register to tryout! Please use the following link for dates and registration.
Do you offer additional training?

Yes! We offer small group sessions on Fridays evenings. Please book your spot at:


In which leagues do the teams play in?

Our younger teams play in the AAYSA league and our older teams are in the WDDOA league. They also play in the Frontier League.

What is the best way to contact you?